About us

Our factory is situated in a 4-floored building of 3000 sq.m. within Western Industrial zone in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria.

We are specialized in manufacture of men`s, women`s and children`s socks, underwear, T-shirts and other textile products.  In addition to our production line we perform eight-color screen printing on textiles. We can print any logo or picture upon customer`s request. ​We also suggest an option for softening and antibacterial treatment of socks.

Production process consists of the following operations:

- Incoming quality inspection of the fabrics and yarns – we inspect their dye resistance and linear thickness;

- Spread of the fabrics through spreading machine;

- Cutting of fabrics laid on 12-metres long table;

- Printing of cut textile details, according to the customer`s requirements;

- Sewing of knitwear – it is executed through specialized sewing machines make “Pegasus”;

- Knitting of socks – it is executed via two types of automatic machines, make “Sangiacomo Fantasia LT” and Irmac Penta 5J”;

- Sewing of socks – it is executed via specialized machines make “Rosso”;

- Softening and antibacterial treatment of socks;

- Outgoing quality inspection, ironing, packing in boxes and dispatch of the ready made products to the customers.

Our company is certified under Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. Here you can find our certificate and a Declaration from our management:

In addition to the overall manufacturing of the products, we can propose our customers additional services to make their work as easy as possible and to provide them with a finished product that fully meets the requirements. What can we help with?

- Making a sample before starting production. This helps our customers ensure that their requirements are met correctly and the ready production will meet the required demands and quality.

- Screen-printing on textiles. We own an 8-color automated carrousel Synchroprint to print custom-made prints on textiles.

- Softening and antibacterial treatment of socks.

- Packaging. We offer any kind of packaging, upon the customer's choice - polybags, banderolls, boxes and more.

- Organizing the transport to a destination chosen by the customer. Once the production is ready, we connect with our long-standing partners - shipping and courier companies. We negotiate the price and time and then the order arrives to our customers.

Have a look at our production facilities.