How to order production of articles upon your project?


Here are the main steps you may follow to order your articles for production:

Step 1: Contact us by sending your enquiry. We`ll return an answer about our production possibility.

Step 2:  Send us all instructions – concerning the type of the fabric/yarn, color, pattern, sizes, quantities, prints (if any), labels, packing – we`ll estimate the necessary materials and our production capacity, to specify each detail of the production process and then we`ll send you our offer, containing price and production time.

Step 3: Send us your answer with confirmation or comment on the offer. Once we have your confirmation and your order, we start production of a sample.

Step 4: The production of the order begins after the sample is approved by you. Then we execute the order within the agreed production time and send it to address specified by you.

Minimum quantities

For socks – 1000 pairs of a pattern and a color.

For underwear, pyjamas and other knitwear – 300 pcs. of a pattern and a color.

Screen-printing on textile products – 300 pcs.

For articles with logo on the elastic – 5000 pcs.


Articles – we calculate every article separately, depending on fabric/yarn, style`s complexity, quantities, packing, etc.

Packing – its price depends on its type (labels, banderols, polybags, etc.) and the quantity of articles.

Transport – this price is being determined by the shipping company and it depends on the destination, the volume and weight of the parcel.